Back Beach “Bãi Sau”

Opposite to Bai Truoc is Bai Sau, Back beach (or Thuy Van beach). Back Beach is well-known for its over 10 km of fine sand seaside. The beach is always excited and busy with almost tourists both from the city itself and the world. Back beach faces to the East and is an ideal place to watch sunrise on the sea. At weekends or on holidays, there are thousands of people coming here for swimming and entertainment. At Back Beach, with windy and wavy style, there are a lot of popular kinds of entertainment for your choice such as canoeing, sailing, parachuting, or even board surfing. This place is also utilized to organize big seaside events of the province such as food festival, kite festival, music performance. There are many tourism parks along this beach with a system of modern restaurants for tourists’ choice such as Bien Dong, Paradise, Thang Muoi, Intourco, DIC, Thuy Van, Imperial, etc. and a system of modern hotels in variety of types welcoming all tourists.

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