Adam Troy’s Pub

Located in Phan Chu Trinh Street near the Small Mountain, Adam Troys bar offers cold beers and both Western and Vietnamese dishes. This is an Australia style among such ... read more


Chaly Bar is an excellent spot for sports and music lovers. Chaly Bar is really a very good bar in Vung Tau. They offer cold beer, extensive food menu varying from Western to ... read more

Surf Bar

Surf bar is the only beach bar in Vung Tau City. The bar has beach style with good music, plenty of surf cocktails, barbecue and light food. The bar is proud to be a part of big ... read more

Black Pearl Bar Vung Tau

Black Pearl bar is one of the most famous and interesting bars in Vung Tau city. Depicting the famous Disney’s film Pirates of the Carribean movies, the bar’s décor is ... read more

Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Café

Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Café is the 1st and only beach front lounge bar in Vung Tau. At the first sight, Gazebo appears like a sea resort with beautiful view welcoming cool ... read more

Vuvuzela Bar

With 60 kinds of beer at Vuvuzela, guests can find any draught beer from Tiger, Bitburger or Zamky, a famous Czech beer brand name, or any kind imported from Belgium, Holland or ... read more

The Ship Bar

The Ship Beer Club is one of the most crowded beer clubs in Vung Tau city. The bar has unique architecture like a ship with the door is the front of the ship. All of the staffs ... read more

Queen 101 Beer Club

Queen 101 beer club which locates in the center of the city, opposite to the city’s bus station, is an ideal place for guests who would like to enjoy the most exciting ... read more

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