Christ statue of vung tau

When travelling to Vung Tau, you should not miss the Christ statue, which is a statue of Jesus, is located on Nui Nho (Nho Mountain) at 170m altitude above sea level. This statue was built in 1974 by Vietnam Catholic Association, and was finished in 1993. The statue faces the sea toward the south. It is 32 metres (105 ft) high, standing on a 4 metres (13 ft) high platform, for a 36 metres (118 ft) total monument height with two outstretched arms spanning 18.3 metres (60 ft). There is 133-step staircase inside the statue. Around the statue head are 9 metal halos for both decorative and lighting conducting purposes. Inside the statue, there is a spiral staircase consisting of 133 stairs. The light shining into the statue through Oriental style shaped windows system. The two sleeves act as two safe balconies for visitors to enjoy the wind and view of Vung Tau city at the altitude of 200m. At the front the foundation is decorated with a relief simulating the "Farewell Party" by Leonard De Vinci; at the back is the picture simulating the "The God gives the key to Phero Saint". Despite being made of concrete, the artistic features shows to be gentle and  lively.
The harmonious combination between the natural scenery and religious art and national cultural identity, Kito God statue is truly a considerable religious artistic work of the region.
The architects in Vietnam suppose that this statue is the highest god statue in the world. It is even higher than the statues in Rio de janeiro, Brazil, which was joint constructed  by Brazil and Argentina (26m height, 10m length of the arm) on a mountain similar to Nho mountain in Vung Tau.
 Kito God statue is a very tourism attraction place of Vung Tau city. It is open everyday for tourists from 7:00AM - 5:00PM. The best time for visiting is early of the day in order to avoid scorching sun and status of jostle. Tourists should wear formal clothes. The short skirt and shorts are not allowed for climbing into the statue. There is no fee for entrance ticket and parking ticket. However, tourists can donate at your convenience for improvement of the statue

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